Characteristics of suitable bitumen

Characteristics of suitable bitumen in nikan west gilsonite

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Bitumen is identified in a variety of ways, and it can be used in a variety of industries for diverse purposes. Generally, suitable bitumen is highly capable of mixing with petroleum bitumen, and it is obtained after mixing a suitable product in accordance with standard bitumen . In the remainder of this article, we will discuss more details about features of suitable bitumen and identifying the natural bitumen

 suitable bitumen

In addition, the main feature of the bitumen has been mentioned above, but there are also another important point to be considered. Experience has shown that low melting point, low mineral ash content and high solubility are other important features of this bitumen.

Characteristics of suitable bitumen and natural bitumen

Another thing about the quality of bitumen is the ability to be modified. In fact, the cheaper and easier it is to make modified bitumen, the bitumen in question is of higher quality. The ability to mix without the need for aeration is an important issue.

In the macro view, the right bitumen should be extracted from a high-resource and pure mine. This feature helps to produce high quality bitumen by measuring the initial extraction in vitro. Following this path, the bitumen extraction process must be fully scientific and principled. Otherwise, the quality of each cargo extracted may differ from the other cargo. Irregular extraction of bitumen can cause problems such as high sulfur content in bitumen, high aging, high percentage of minerals and associated impurities, and inaccurate identification of bitumen type and characteristics.

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The role of bitumen application in the quality of natural bitumen

Another issue regarding bitumen quality is its application. Bitumen with different applications require certain properties. In general, the most important applications of bitumen include the following.

Oil and gas pipes are subject to environmental corrosion. In this regard, the formulation of primer and enamel is obtained by adding natural bitumen to petroleum bitumen.

The simplest application of bitumen is to use it in forged furnaces as fuel. Coking is another use of bitumen. Naturally, the quality of bitumen is also less important in these conditions.

Difference between bitumen and oil

In general, natural or mineral bitumen is the bitumen obtained from mining or bitumen lake. In contrast, oil bitumen, also known as refinery bitumen, is derived from oil.

The two substances are virtually identical in function, although they differ slightly in their doses. For example, bitumen has less than one percent sulfur. However, the amount of inorganic bitumen sulfur is usually more than three percent. More precisely, California mines with 3.9 percent, Trinidad with 3.8 percent, and Mexico with 3.2 percent sulfur.

Another point about the difference between the two bitumen is their purity. We mentioned earlier that one of the hallmarks of bitumen is their low level of impurity. Typically, bitumen has various mineral impurities, including ash. Mineral bitumen contains approximately one percent ash.

The acidity and saponification rate of petroleum bitumen is also lower than that of natural bitumen , and in the end, oil bitumen contains this material more than inorganic bitumen. If you want to buy gilsonite or gilsonite powder , you can contact us because we have the largest Gilsonite mine in Kermanshah province.

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