افزایش تولید نفت ایران

An Increase in Iranian oil production in the first months of 2021

The Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has announced in its latest monthly report that Iran's crude oil production in February 2021 has increased by 35 thousand barrels compared to the previous month and reached 2 million and twenty hundred barrels per day. This increase indicates an improvement in Iranian oil production and exports, which is good news for Iranians. It is hoped that supply production will also grow this year as an increase in oil and gas arena.

13 March 2021​

درآمد صادرات قیر ایران

Ninety million dollars of revenue from Iran's bitumen exports​

Hamed Hosseini, an expert in the Iranian bitumen industry, has stated that the price of Iranian bulk bitumen in 2020 was close to 220 dollars, and Iran was able to earn about 80-90 million dollars by exporting about 350,000 tons of bitumen. Despite the decline in this income; However, given the current economic situation in the country, such as international sanctions and the global coronavirus epidemic, this figure is considered appropriate.

19 January 2021​​

تولید ملی

The 65 to 70% reservoir of the country's bitumen in Gilan Gharb​

Mohsen Darabi, head of the Kermanshah Province Industry, Mining and Trade Organization, attended a meeting of the Joint Working Group on Mining Activities in Kermanshah, and announced that the Gilan Gharb area has abundant bitumen mineral reserves, which according to current studies, 16 promising areas have been identified so far. He also noted that Iran ranks third in the world in terms of natural bitumen reserves. Darabi mentioned new developments in other mines and exploration areas in the field of bitumen.

13 September 2020​

وزارتخانه نفت و نیرو

Preventing the export of low quality bitumen in the name of Iran​

A spokesman for the Union of Exporters of Petroleum, Gas and Petrochemical Products said that the export of low-quality bitumen has been stopped. The product was imported from Iraq after being mixed with Iranian bitumen, and then exported from Turkey to other countries. He stated that the monthly export figure is 300 to 400 thousand tons and Iran has the Chinese market in addition to the Persian Gulf countries, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Egypt.

25 July 2020​

ذخیره 65 تا 70 درصد قیر طبیعی کشور در گیلانغرب​

Increasing the share of national production in the supply of oil-rich goods in the southern parts of Iran​

Ahmad Mohammadi, administrator in charge of the Ministry of Oil, informed about Iran's long steps towards self-reliance of the oil industry. He stated that only 5% of the items needed by the company are provided from direct domestic purchases. According to Mohammadi, startups and knowledge-based companies, through their constructive interaction with the Ministry of Oil and Gas, have localized key and advanced equipment in the oil industry, such as well pumps, drills and drilling rigs.

21 July 2020​​

صادرات قیر بی کیفیت

The connection between the two Ministries of Oil and Energy​

The spokesman for Iran's electricity industry announced the close relationship between the Ministries of Oil and Energy to supply fuel to power plants and the use of power plants in the Ministry of Oil. Both ministries are looking to utilize all the capacity created to supply electricity and are planning to use the power plants built by the Ministry of Oil.

28 Jun 2020​

افتتاح دکل حفاری

Iran's steps to escape the foreign countries' dependence on the development of oil industry​

The governor of Khuzestan expressed satisfaction with the measures taken to produce slabs, sheets and pipes required for the national and strategic plan to transfer crude oil from Goreh to Jask, calling it an effective step to develop the oil industry in Khuzestan and escape dependence on foreign countries. He expressed hope that the needs of the oil industry in Khuzestan province will be met as much as possible and the local builders of the province will be able to have a bilateral and constructive relationship with the oil industry.

18 February 2020​​

استاندار خوزستان

Unveiling of domestically made oil rig​

The 72 drilling rig named “Fatah” was unveiled in the presence of Bijan Zanganeh on site number one of the National Iranian Drilling Company in Ahvaz. The rig, built by local builders, will be located in one of the country's exploration areas. The total contract for the three Jihad University drilling rigs is 33 million Euros, 60% of which is in foreign currency and 40% in Rials.

18 February 2020​​​

قرارداد نفتی

The Deputy Minister of Oil announced the conclusion of 26 oil contracts with 15 universities and research institutes​

In a press conference, the Deputy Minister of Petroleum for Engineering, Research and Technology announced the conclusion of 26 oil contracts with 15 universities and research institutes. He mentioned that the Ministry of Petroleum is also considering concluding larger new contracts. The purpose of these agreements is to develop the relationship between industry and the university and solve oil problems, along with the establishment of problem-solving institutions in universities and a fruitful relationship between the oil industry and knowledge-based companies.

27 January 2020​​​​

بهزاد محمدی

‌Operation of the 57th production plant of the petrochemical industry​​

Deputy Minister of Petroleum Affairs during the visit of the Vice President for Science and Technology to Karun Petrochemical in Mahshahr city stated that the petrochemical industry is operating at a good speed compared to other industries. Behzad Mohammadi announced the operation of the 57th production plan of the petrochemical industry and mentioned that Iran has 56 projects in the industry with a capacity of 66 million tons.

14 January 2020​​​​​

معاون وزارت نفت

The need to conduct strategic research in the oil and gas industry and prevent the activities of scientific dealers​

The Deputy Director General of Research of the Ministry of Petroleum emphasized the importance of research and development in the growth of societies in the Symposium of Oil and University on the occasion of Research Week in the Central Book Library Amphitheater of Shahroud University of Technology. According to Farshad Alikhani, the main purpose of research is problem solving and one of the problems of the current research system in Iran is the lack of recognition or separation of researchers from scientific brokers. He pointed out that some, as scientific brokers, are intermediaries in taking the jobs and preventing strategic research in the oil and gas industry.​

17 Desamber 2019​​​​​​

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