Nikan West Gilsonite Company:

Nikan West Gilsonite trading and mining company is one of the prominent manufacturers, traders and exporters of many products in Iran. This company is capable of producing Three kinds of products “Gilsonite, Walnut shell powder and Briquettes” in different sizes and packing according to customer’s request and it is one of the biggest gilsonite producer in Iran.
Mine, factory and warehouse of the company are located in the Gillan-e-Gharb region of Kermanshah Province, Iran. Head office is located in Tehran.


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Nikan West Gilsonite Products:

Nikan West Gilsonite Co. is capable of producing all kinds of Gilsonite products as below:

•Micronized Gilsonite Powder with diameter of 80 to 400 mesh and 0 to %25 ash content.
•Granulated Gilsonite with diameter of 30 to 40 mesh and 0 to %25 ash content.
•Gilsonite lump with 0 to %25 ash content.

Based on customer’s order, different packing is presentable:
Multilayer 25kg laminated Bags, 25kg craft bags, 25kg AD star bags and 1 MT new Jumbo bags.
All the above products can be wrapped, shrinked, and palletized according to customer’s request.

NikanWest Gilsonite
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Nikan West company the gilsonite producer , export its products to most countries particularly in Middle East. Excellent quality and compatible prices of the products, have turned it to be a trustworthy partner internationally. Along with the compatible prices, organized, fast and safe delivery have turned it to be the best provider among exporting companies and also this caused an increase in quality of its product and the customer’s satisfaction.