Walnut Shell Powder

Walnut Shel Powder is hard granulated product in light yellow or brown color , which has many applications and produced from common walnut shell . Nut shell or walnut shell powder alike to the walnut itself has lots of properties and benefits . Walnut fruit is one of the valuable and useful product in Iran Certainly you have heard about the walnut shell properties a lot .Even it is possible you may have requisition to purchase nutshell powder according to your need . It is to mention that the Briquet Compressed Charcoal is one of the walnut shell powder products.

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Walnut shell properties

Among the most important specialities of walnut shell it is mentioned are nontoxic , durability and neutrality , decomposition In natural way , no need for flammable solvents resolvability , environmentally friendly , totally silica free , reproducibility , Resolvability , replacement with sand to prevent of silicone (lung disease) . Walnut sell consists of several parts . Green walnut skin , hard wooden skin , brown skin on walnut, eventually its delicious walnut edible seed.,all parts of walnut is very useful for each organ of the body , even its skin . Walnut has many uses in our life. If you doubt , we acquaint you with walnut properties for body skin and hair as follows:
خواص پودر پوست گردو

Walnut shell properties in medical

Walnut shell has amazing medicinal , beauty, health properties , for this reason walnut shell is used for production of many kinds of herbs used in traditional medication . Walnut powder is known as an important product in medical consumptions . Walnut shell is used as traditional treatment and effective to control blood sugar . However there is not broad scientific studies in this field , but the traditional physicians
experiences shows that walnut shell powder is effective in declining the blood sugar in diabetic patients .
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Walnut shell properties in Cosmetic and Health

Walnut shell has many applications in cosmetic and health products , industrial and homemade uses . For example one of the cases of use of walnut shell is powerful face skin – exfoliation , for such use of walnut shell it is enough to grind the dried shell to make powder perfectly and eventually make mask from the powder and use it for skin- exfoliating. Walnut skin powder has great benefits for teeth .Walnut shell also has sterilization property and in the field of disinfection of gums in traditional medicine has had many funs.it is useful for teeth whitening and elimination of yellowness color.

Cosmetics walnut shell

Granulation of walnut shell powder products provided by Nikan West Gilsonite​

پودر پوست گردو سایز فاین

 mesh size: 4-12, 6-10 ، 8-12


پودر والنات شل

 mesh size: 10-20, 12-20 ، 14-30


پودر پوست گردو سایز کورس

 mesh size: 60-35، 60-40، 100-40، 100-60 ، 200-60


Other applications of walnut skin powder

oil well drilling

Utilization of walnut skin in the process of oil well drilling, prevents from fluid circulation in the closed routs and is counted as efficient solution.walnut skin powder mixed with mud is sent inside the well to block the different pores to make well internal environment more immune and impenetrable. This action doesn’t make any change in mud so it can be separated and open textured easily.



Walnut skin as abrasive material is used for metals , glass wool , wood . This material is able to clean wastes from any layers without leaving any smallest scratch.

Bed for the small animals:
Walnut skin powder is used as the decomposable bed for birds , reptiles and other small animals .

Water purification or water refinery:

Use of water skin in water refinery process is the best available technology to eliminate oil and fat.

Cleaning gasoline and diesel engines

Walnut Shell powder is used for cleaning aircraft engines and steam turbines.


Bed for the small animals

Walnut skin powder is used as the decomposable bed for birds , reptiles and other small animals.

Water purification or water refinery

Use of water skin in water refinery process is the best available technology to eliminate oil and fat.


Graffiti cleaning

walnut skin is a suitable substitution for sand in graffiti decolorization and general cleaning of buildings and status in the city . This unique natural material also is used in other industries such as polishing jewelries,  production of non- slipping concrete surfaces and additives.

The properties of walnut shell for your skin

One day you wake up in the morning and look at the mirror , the first think you notice on your face is a big burble on your face .possibly you wait these annoying point disappear , but you confront with the large numbers of different sizes of these burbles in your face . We suggest not to ignore the benefits of walnut shell to remove the burbles . Among other properties of hard walnut shell by its tiny vein and elegant stripe is exploitation of the skin . Walnut shell is able to remove the dead cells and as an a powerful facial scrub presents you a shiny face . There is a very simple way to use it , grind an amount of walnut skin to make powder then use it as a mask or skin exfoliating to remove the dead cells and illuminate your face .
Benefits of Walnut Peel Powder for Hair

The benefits of walnut shell powder for hair

The green and fresh skin , is the external part of walnut which has antioxidant and anti biotic properties . It must be noted that the green external skin of walnut is the healer of your skin , but the properties of walnut skin is not only applicable to your skin . One of the most raised use of green walnut is for hair loss .It is interesting to know that this amazing powder is very effective to prevent the hair loss .Existence of biotin in walnut shell is another benefit to cure the hair loss . Certainly you know that walnut contains omega 3 , folic acid and important minerals such as iron , zinc and copper which all of them help hair to grow . Of course don’t forget that the yellow walnut skin also has a lot of properties

Green walnut skin, kins of hair color made by nature

Fresh walnut shell as color maker is useful to produce verity of natural hair colors . Certainly you have experienced while peeling off the green walnut skin your hands become black . This blackness comes from splendid staining properties of green walnut skin which convert it to amazing natural hair color . So don’t ignore the effect of the walnut skin powder for hair color . Researches proved walnut skin powder contains full tannin which is used to produce cosmetic and hair color . Excessive , hair coloring or lack of vitamins cause loosing hair and pigments which results in white hair . The green walnut skin is capable of covering the white hair as natural hair color. Blackness from the heart of nature , free of factory chemicals.

Method of using walnut shell for hair loss treatment

Over time walnut shell powder from traditional medicine till modern medicine , always has applied for baldness treatment. You can boil the green walnut skin at home or mix its decoction with your hair, will see there is a miracle happens . Also you can use walnut oil to remove dandruff.
قیمت پودر پوست گردو

Harms of walnut skin powder for hair

In addition to walnut skin benefits alike the other products , it has some harms . Remember that walnut is among allergic minerals . In another word in addition to oral consumption , the use of walnut shell for hair is irritant . Use of walnut skin as hair coloring for the people who are sensitive to walnut may have side effects such as burns.

Instructions of walnut shell for hair color

Boil green walnut skin ( fresh, dried , powdered) in water for 30 minutes then after the solvent gets cold , massage it gently on your hair with gloves . Alike the process of hair coloring wear a plastic hat and wait for 30 to 40 minutes .Repeat this procedure a few times per week.

Walnut skin dressing for your wound

As it was said , walnut skin with capacity of elimination of dead skin , is useful to eliminate thick skin of elbow and knee and helps to skin softness . When we talk about walnut skin properties , shouldn’t be unaware of its role as ointment or decoction to cure the wound . The external use of walnut skin as unction and poultice was known among the famous physicians over times . Even it was used as sanitizer before Christ. Also if you suffer from eczema or any kind of infection , don’t forget walnut shell . The green walnut shell skin is applicable for skin wounds treatment due to its antibacterial properties . Naphthalene which has anti fungal properties can be helpful to cure the wound and in the form of local solvent has the role of treatment
Instructions for using walnut skin

Instructions for using walnut skin

The green walnut skin can be used in the form of fresh or dry .Since it is not possible to access the walnut skin any time , Drying and powdering it , is alway better and more effective method to use it .For this reason industrial equipments are provided to grind walnut shell and production of walnut shell powder . Fans can purchase wholesale from Nikan West Gilsonite Company . Walnut skin is one of the very useful wastages an applicable in different industries and also cosmetic use . In other words it can be said that its properties for skin and hair are noticeable. Nowadays the sales of walnut shell is done internationally , and is confirmed by world physicians . if you care about your skin and tired of using chemical drugs , the solution is hidden in the heart of nature.

Properties of walnut shell wood decoction

The Iranian physicians in the past and even present time were and are fully aware of the yellow walnut skin properties , and in traditional Iranian medicine it was used to treat the additional triglyceride in blood . Walnut skin for treatment of blood fat was used in Abu Ali Sina medicine.

Production of walnut skin in Iran and the world

It should not be forgotten that however our country has a diverse climate , from warm south temperate north , from dry deserts to cold mountains , but is capable to grow all kinds of trees such as palm and walnut in its fertile soil. There are many fruitful walnut trees in mountainous areas in Iran such as Kohkilooyeh, Boyerahmad, Lorestan, Tabriz and Zanjan . Knowing the properties of walnut is very important in walnut consumption instructions, agriculture even in our economy . It is hard to believe but in spite of all said properties , million tons of walnut skin is thrown away every year . Characteristic skin which is capable of using in different industries which reduces supply of material to walnut skin powder industries .while Iran alongside the United States and China is the prominent producer in the world so it is very important to aware of walnut shell properties for everybody in order to best use of this nutritious walnut skin powder.

This unique natural material is used in many other industries such as Jewelry polishing, Non-Skid applications, Fillers and Extenders.

Sample chemical properties of walnut shell

Calcium %0.50

Sample physical characteristics of walnut shell

Oil content%0.25
Volumetric Weight 850Kg/m3
Moisture content %6
Oil Removal Rate %65
Ware Rate≤%1.5
Oil Removal %90-95

Suspended Removal Rate%90-98
Specific Gravity1.25g/cm3
Bulk Density0.8g/cm3
Specific Gravity1.35
Mohs Hardness2.5-4
Solubility Insoluble
Particle ShapeIrregular
Crude Protein 5.7
HS Code 38249090
Adsorption Rate50-70
Corase Fiber3.7
Color Yellow
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