Walnut Shell Powder

Walnut shell powder or loose walnut powder, like its kernel, has many properties and benefits. Walnut fruit is one of the valuable and very useful products in Iran. You must have heard many things about the benefits and properties of walnut shell before, and you may even want to buy walnut shell powder depending on your needs.

Nikan west Gilsonite, as an important hub in the field of selling walnut shell in Tehran, Iran and even its export to other countries, suggests that you read the present article to get complete information about the properties of loose walnuts and the price of walnut shell powder. It should be noted that briquettes are also walnut shell powder products.

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Properties of walnut shell

Walnuts have several parts: the outer green skin, the hard wood shell, the brown skin on the walnut and finally its delicious kernel. All parts of the walnut are of special importance to each and every organ of our body. Even its skin! Loose walnuts can come in handy; If in doubt, in this section we will introduce you to the various properties of walnut shell for skin and hair.

خواص پودر پوست گردو

Properties of walnut shell in medicine

Walnut skin has amazing medicinal, beauty and health properties. For this reason, loose walnuts are used in the production of herbal medicines for traditional medical purposes. Walnut peel powder is known as a very important product in medical applications.

Loose valance is used as a traditional and effective treatment to control blood sugar. Although there are no comprehensive scientific studies in this field; But the experience of traditional healers shows the effectiveness of walnut peel powder in lowering blood sugar in diabetics.

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Properties of walnut shell in the field of cosmetics

Walnut shell has a variety of applications in cosmetics, both industrial and domestic. For example, one of the uses of walnut shell powder is to use it as a powerful exfoliating agent for facial skin. For such a use of loose walnut, it is enough to grind and dry the dried skin; Finally, use the powder in the form of various masks for the purpose of exfoliating your skin.
Walnut shell powder also has many benefits for the teeth. walnut Shell  also have sterile properties and have long been popular in traditional medicine for disinfecting the gums. It is useful to whiten teeth and remove their yellowing.

Cosmetics walnut shell

Granulation of walnut shell powder products provided by Nikan West Gilsonite​

پودر پوست گردو سایز فاین

 mesh size: 4-12, 6-10 ، 8-12


پودر والنات شل

 mesh size: 10-20, 12-20 ، 14-30


پودر پوست گردو سایز کورس

 mesh size: 60-35، 60-40، 100-40، 100-60 ، 200-60


Walnut Shell powder Applications

Oil Well Drilling

Using Walnut Shell powder in oil well drilling prevents lost circulations. It’s an efficient solution for circulation problems. Walnut Shell powder is pumped into well with the mud and seals perforations to create a more secure and less permeable well environment while in the meantime does not bring any changes to mud properties and can itself be easily removed and recycled.

Also, if dandruff bothers you; Be sure to try walnut oil.



Walnut Shell powder is used as an abrasive blasting for cleaning of metals, fiberglass, wood, glass, plastic and stone. It can clean and remove residues from any surface without leaving the least damage.

Cleaning gasoline and diesel engines

Walnut Shell powder is used for cleaning aircraft engines and steam turbines.


Bedding for small animals

Walnut Shell powder is used as a biodegradable bedding for birds, reptiles and small animals that need sand or rocky bedding. It prevents growing bacteria and molds.

Water remediation or filtration

Using Walnut Shell powder in Filtration is the best Technology for oil and grease removal.


Removing Graffiti

Walnut Shell powder is a good replacement for sand in paint removal, Graffiti removal and general cleaning in restoration of buildings, boats, bridges and outdoor statuaries.

Properties of walnut shell powder for your skin

One morning you wake up, you go in front of the mirror and the first thing you see is a big pimple on your face. You may be waiting for these annoying spots to disappear after two or three days; But you will encounter a lot of pimples in different sizes on your face. We suggest that you do not miss the benefits of loose walnuts for removing pimples on your face. One of the properties of walnut wood bark with its delicate veins and beautiful lines and lines is peeling of the skin. By removing dead cells, Shell Walnut has the ability to give you clear skin in the role of a strong scrub. It’s easy to use, just grind some walnut bark and use walnut powder as a mask or exfoliator to remove dead skin cells and lighten the color.
Benefits of Walnut Peel Powder for Hair

Benefits of Walnut shell Powder for Hair

The fresh green skin of the walnut is the outermost part of it, which has antioxidant and antibiotic properties. From the benefits of this green part, we can say that from freckles to warts, it heals your skin. But the properties of loose walnuts are not limited to your skin.

One of the most important properties of green walnut skin is for hair loss; It is interesting to know that this amazing powder has a great effect on preventing hair loss. The presence of biotin is one of the benefits of walnut skin for hair loss. As you probably know, walnuts are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and important minerals such as iron, zinc and copper, all of which help hair grow. Of course, it goes without saying that the properties of walnut brown skin are also very high.

This unique natural material is used in many other industries such as Jewelry polishing, Non-Skid applications, Fillers and Extenders.

Sample chemical properties of walnut shell

Calcium %0.50

Sample physical characteristics of walnut shell

Oil content%0.25
Volumetric Weight 850Kg/m3
Moisture content %6
Oil Removal Rate %65
Ware Rate≤%1.5
Oil Removal %90-95

Suspended Removal Rate%90-98
Specific Gravity1.25g/cm3
Bulk Density0.8g/cm3
Specific Gravity1.35
Mohs Hardness2.5-4
Solubility Insoluble
Particle ShapeIrregular
Crude Protein 5.7
HS Code 38249090
Adsorption Rate50-70
Corase Fiber3.7
Color Yellow
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