Lump Gilsonite

Gilsonite Lump

Gilsonite lump with ash content between 0 to 25 % in 1 MT Jumbo bags.

Nikan West Gilsonite Company one of the biggest gilsonite producer with experienced and qualified expert has capability of separating stones from the extracted Gilsonite from the mine and grading the amount of ash and supplying the Gilsonite lump in 850 KG. to 1000 KG. Jumbo bags.

Gilsonite lump packing steps

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Gilsonite lump​

بارگیری گیلسونایت کلوخه​

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Gilsonite lump packaging:

Gilsonite lump packaging​

What is mineral or natural bitumen and what are its uses?

Bitumen is generally made in two types: natural or mineral and oil or refinery. Both forms of this material, despite minor differences in structure, generally have similar shapes and properties. In a nutshell, natural bitumen or gilsonite is bitumen that is extracted naturally and readily, through mineral extraction or from lakes of natural bitumen. Meanwhile, bitumen or refinery is extracted in the process of crude oil processing.

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Bitumen has various applications in different industries. This bitumen is used in road construction, oil and gas industries, waterproofing and insulation, and finally coking and as a fuel.
The easiest way to use natural bitumen is to use it as fuel. In this method, mineral bitumen is used to fuel the furnaces with almost no processing operations.

Applications of bitumen

The use of bitumen in the insulation industry, especially in the oil and gas industry, is one of its most important applications. Oil and gas pipelines are more prone to corrosion and decay than any other pipeline. In the meantime, bitumen helps these pipes to be well insulated and to be much less exposed to corrosion damage.
As we have said, another use of bitumen is road construction. The bitumen or gilsonite used in this context is called natural asphalt. This material helps to pave roads at a much lower cost than using petroleum bitumen.
But bitumen is not used only in the mentioned cases. This material can be used in a wide variety of other applications if properly processed. For example, the use of mineral bitumen in the production of drilling mud and certain chemicals such as adhesives and sealants are important examples in this field.

Types of bitumen

In a more detailed category, the bitumen extraction site divides it into several different samples. The place of extraction of mineral bitumen causes their material and the composition of the materials used in them to have important differences with each other; This issue is also effective in the type of application.
The most famous mineral bitumen is called gilsonite. Gilsonite also is known as natural asphalt due to its shape, structure and application. This substance is actually crude oil hardened by pressure. This material should be considered the purest output of a natural bitumen mine. A substance that is perfectly recognizable by the appearance of shiny black lumps.