Privacy Policy

حریم خصوصی قیر غرب نیکان

Nikan West company the gilsonite producer in Iran is committed to secure privacy of all visitors of our site and also as part of its commitment to your privacy has provided below statement:
you as a customer visit Nikan West Gilsonite without entering any personal information in the world wide web. The collected information is depended on the information that you have provided us. By registering your information in this site, you allow us to collect and use and transfer based on this guideline.
The information is requested by Nikan West Gilsonite contains name and details of your contact. Also it is possible that we collect information about how you use the site beside the information you sent us by letter or Email.

Information disclosure:

The information you provide in our site, is saved in secured company’s server. Also it is possible we accommodate your provided information about how using the site to third person, but this matter doesn’t contain your filed information which may be used for your identification. If user password is presented to you (or you have chosen) this only enables you to access to some specific part of the site. It is your responsibility to maintain your password. Please don’t disclose your password to anybody. Unfortunately, data transfer through internet is not totally safe. In spite of our best endeavor to protect your personal information but we can’t Guarantee the security of your data transfer, so the responsibility of any data transfer is yours. By receiving your information, we use strict and secure methods to prevent your data from impermissible access. The countries outside of economic European community usually have no powerful rules to protect data in most cases. However, Nikan West Gilsonite tries to ensure your information (data) are kept according to our policy, unless in some cases which rules dictate us not to disclose any part of your data to other persons or not to sell and distribute them. Finally, if Nikan West Gilsonite makes a joint venture with another company or merged or sold, your data will release to the new partner or owner.

IP and cookies:

Your computer among the IP addresses, operating systems and browsers are collected by site and it is possible to use for goals of management and marketing. This matter contains statistical data in regard to your internet pattern and performance and doesn’t prevail your identity. Cookies are small data packets which when you enter the site are saved in your computer unless you have declared your objection when you have provided your information. Cookies have more speed in your visits, also allow sites to control the site traffic and personalize the site content. You can prevent from saving cookies in your computer browser by activating special settings. In this case it is possible that you lose access of some special ability of the site.

Security and data protection:

Site uses security actions to save your data from accessing of impermissible persons and unlawful functions, accidental damages. The site keeps your data for conventional term as law requires. In special cases it is possible the site contains electronic links to the other sites. In case of visiting the site, the policy of securing privacy and personal properties are valid.

Access and update

You have the right to be aware of your kept information and request site to update them. If you desire to update your data, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Change in policy and privacy

Any future change in our policy toward your privacy will be done on the site and be noted via your Email address.