Granulated Gilsonite

Granulated Gilsonite

Granular granulated glysonite with a diameter of 30 to 40 mesh and ash between 0 and 25%

 Nikan West Gilsonite, with its experienced and specialized staff, is able to process Gilsonite and convert it into powdered Gilsonite in sizes of 30 to 40 mesh and pack it according to the needs of customers. This product is offered in three types of packaging.

Types of granulated Gilsonite packaging

Granular granulated-2

25 kilogram bags

پالت و شیرینگ گیلسونایت دانه بندی

Palletized and shrinked 850 kg
(34 bag - 25 kg)

Jumbo bags (850 kg to 1MT)

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Granulated granular packages

Gilsonite packaging envelope
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