Granulated Gilsonite

Granulated Gilsonite

Graded Gilsonite or natural granulated bitumen with mesh 30  to 40 diameter and ash  0 to %25

Nikan Gillan-e-Gharb Bitumen Co. with experienced and specialized stuff has ability to process Gilsonite and convert it to Gilsonite powder in different sizes( mesh 30 to 40) and pack according to customer’s need . This product is offered in three kinds of packing .

Types of granulated Gilsonite packaging

Granular granulated-2

25 kilogram bags

پالت و شیرینگ گیلسونایت دانه بندی

Palletized and shrinked 850 kg
(34 bag - 25 kg)

Jumbo bags (850 kg to 1MT)

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Kinds of graded Gilsonite packing

Gilsonite packaging envelope
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