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Introduction of Nikan West Gilsonite

Nikan West Gilsonite Mining and Trading Company is one of the leading Iranian exporters, traders  and producers of Gilsonite, Also known as Natural Asphalt or Natural Bitumen, to serve a wide range of industries. Our mine, factory and warehouses are located in Gilan-e Gharb County, Kermanshah Province, Iran, and the headquarters of our company is located in Tehran, Iran.

Gilsonite products granulation provided by Nikan West Gilsonite

The company now has the ability to produce three types of Gilsonite products (Natural or mineral bitumen) in different sizes, depending on the customer’s request.

Gilsonite lump

Gilsonite lumps with zero to 25% ash content – only In one ton jumbo bags

Granular granulated

Granulated Gilsonite with a diameter of 30 to 40 mesh and ash between 0 to 25%

Gilsonite micronized powder
Gilsonite micronized powder with a diameter of 80 to 400 mesh and ash between 0 to 25%

Depending on customers’ requests, various types of packaging with the above specifications can be provided

All the above products can be provided in shredded, strapped and palletized packages depending on the customer’s request

Granulation of walnut shell powder products provided by Nikan West Gilsonite​

پودر پوست گردو سایز فاین

 mesh size: 4-12, 6-10 ، 8-12


پودر پوست گردو‌ سایز مدیوم

 mesh size: 10-20, 12-20 ، 14-30


پودر پوست گردو سایز کورس

 mesh size: 60-35، 60-40، 100-40، 100-60 ، 200-60


Excellent quality and competitive price mechanisms have made Nikan West Gilsonite an internationally reliable company.

Delivery schedule

 Nikan West Gilsonite, due to extensive interaction with transportation companies, Gilsonite (bitumen or natural bitumen) ordered from the mines is transferred to the factory and then sampled by a specialist force. The samples are then sent to the company’s quality control unit (QAC100) to determine the quality.
After approval by the experts of this unit, a custom gissonite is sent to the processing unit and the processing operation is performed on it according to the customer’s needs and transferred to the packing hall.
In the packing hall, according to the customer’s request, one of the types of stylish and durable packing is selected and then the packaged Gilsonite is routed and prepared to leave the factory.
The maximum time required by this interpretation is two days for QAC100 unit quality determination and control and one week for order packing.

Price credit

 Nikan West Gilsonite Mining Company maintains the official announced price based on fluctuations in the price of Gilsonite (natural bitumen or bitumen), which is sometimes due to supply and demand in different seasons of the year, for up to seven working days.

Quality assurance certificate

In order to show the high quality of its products and customer confidence, the company provides quality and quantity assurance certificate (QAC100) to its customers, which is done by the quality control unit of this company and is attached to commercial documents.