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Nikan west Bitumen Company introduction

Nikan West Bitumen mining dnd trading Company is one of the prominent exporters , manufacturers and traders of productions consist of Gilsonite and hard walnut skin powder in Iran and some other countries . Mine , factory and bitumen warehouse of the company are located in the West Gillan , Kermanshah province and the central office is based in Tehran .

Gilsonite production granulation offered by Nikan West Gilsonite Company

This company is capable of manufacturing three kinds of Gilsonite products (natural bitumen or mineral pitch) in different sizes and packing according to customer’s request as per below specifications .

Gilsonite lump

Gilsonite lumps with zero to 25% ash content – only In one ton jumbo bags

Granular granulated

Granulated Gilsonite with a diameter of 30 to 40 mesh and ash between 0 to 25%

Gilsonite micronized powder
Gilsonite micronized powder with a diameter of 80 to 400 mesh and ash between 0 to 25%
Depending on customers’ requests, various types of packaging with the above specifications can be provided

All above packing are presentable in shrink wrapped , strapped and palletized according to costumer’s order .

Granulated hard nutshell skin powder presented by Nikan West Company

پودر پوست گردو سایز فاین

Fine mesh size: 4-12 , 6-10, 8-12

پودر پوست گردو‌ سایز مدیوم

Medium mesh size : 10-20, 12-20,14,30

پودر پوست گردو سایز کورس

Course size: 40-60, 40,-100, 60-100, 60-200

High quality and compatible price of our products made Nikan West Gilsonite trustworthy in international markets.

Delivery Timing

Nikan West Gilsonite due to extensive interaction with transportation companies , transfers the ordered Gilsonite( pitch bitumen or natural bitumen ) to the factory and samples them and delivers the sample to (QAC 100) the quality control unit for quality determination. After quality confirmation is done by the quality control unit, the Gilsonite is sent to process unit and then the processed Gilsonite is delivered to packing unit for packing according to customer’s order. Soon afterward the packed products are ready to deliver to customer’s destination . The maximum time with above explanation is 2 days for quality control determination by QAC 100 and one week for processing and packing .

Price validity

Nikan West Gilsonite fixes the prices of its products for the period of seven working days due to instability of supply and demand in different seasons of the year .


Quality Guarantee certificate

To ensure the customer of the high quality of the products , this company presents the quality guarantee certificate which is done by (QAC 100) accompanied with the other commercial documents.