Compressed charcoal is a type of coal that is made industrially; This coal is also called Chinese coal. This type of charcoal contains raw materials such as bamboo sawdust, walnut shell and charcoal. This is Chinese coal and because of the presence of bamboo in the area, bamboo sawdust has been used in it; But there is no bamboo in Iran and instead, sawdust from forest wood and walnut bark powder are used to produce compressed charcoal. This sawdust is evenly combined with walnut skin.
The composite materials are placed in special molds in a coal plant and placed in a furnace to remove excess moisture and water. This charcoal is well burnt and will not have any smell or smoke.

Every year in furniture factories, wood production and wood industries, sawdust or wood chips are discarded because they are not used. Also, the skins of walnuts whose kernels are separated for food are discarded. These discarded materials are the raw materials of compressed coal, and during the process described in the previous sections, molded coal is produced in an industrial coal kiln.

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Benefits of briquette

Chinese coal has replaced even coal in all industrialized countries due to less pollution, odorless and smokeless, long burning life, high heating and protection of natural resources. Other benefits of this type of charcoal include the following:

  • It has a higher temperature.
  • Distributed in sanitary packaging.
  • It catches fire faster than natural coal.
  • It has less coal dust.
  • It produces less smoke and odor than natural coal.
  • It takes up less space when moving.
  • Its useful life is at least 4 times more than other coals.
  • This charcoal has no sparks.
  • It does not go out without the wind.
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