An overview of the most significant natural bitumen

An overview of the most significant natural bitumen

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Natural bitumen has distinct and defined implications in various industries, in this article from Nikan west Gilsonite company site we want to introduce the most significant natural bitumen.

Natural bitumen which is also known as natural asphalt, is a liquid that is generated by distilling crude oil and is used for its waterproofing and sticky characteristics. Distillation of natural bitumen and gilsonite powder eliminates lighter crude oil components like gasoline and diesel, leaving behind the “heavier” bitumen. To improve and enhance its grade and resistance, the producer often refines it numerous times.

Significant natural bitumen can be found in nature; since naturally occurring bitumen deposits can be found beneath the older lakes, where prehistoric animals have decayed and been exposed to heat and pressure. Significant Natural bitumen has distinct and defined in a variety of sectors, and we’d like to introduce the most prominent ones in this article.

what is the most significant natural bitumen?

Every industry uses this material as its raw material or final product based on their needs. Natural Bitumen refers to the mineral bitumen which can be extracted and used naturally from mines.

Depending on various industries’ needs, every industry might use this substance as a raw material or a finished product. The mineral bitumen, which may be recovered and used naturally from mines, is known as natural bitumen.

Canada, Iraq, Australia, Russia, and Venezuela are among the countries that have bitumen and gilsonite mines. Fortunately, Iran’s rich and fertile environment has reaped the benefits of this blessing, and gilsonite mine can be found in the western and southern provinces of the country, including Kermanshah, Ilam, and Khuzestan. All the produced bitumen is used in various industries for very specific yet really fundamental functions in the country in which it has been produced or the ones that it has been exported. So this Natural bitumen or solid gilsonite with a wide range of usages and of course, various types are important issues that need to be analyzed. These are described in detail, in the rest of this article.


An overview of the most significant natural bitumen

Coke and fuel

The most basic application of this valuable mineral is its use as fuel in various furnaces, including forging furnaces. Coking is another common and primary application defined for bitumen in Iran.

Coke is a material that is utilized as one of the most common sources of energy. Coal and bitumen are used to make coke in various forms. Coke is a carbon-rich, ash-free substance which has a high level of carbon concentration. As a result, it can be adequately burned and therefore used for many functions.

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Coatings for Insulation

Natural Bitumen’s appropriateness for coating against moisture (in both natural and refined forms) is one of its most notable characteristics that it has. In this context, one of the more typical uses of bitumen is to manufacture corrosion-resistant coatings in the insulation sector. Moisture coatings come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, each with its own set of uses. Isogum sheets, for example, are one of the insulation industry’s products; they have prominent and major applications in building and industrial applications.

Natural asphalts also occupy a unique position in the oil and gas business. Bitumen can be applied to oil and gas pipes as a coating. The wear and tear that pipes and their connections are subjected to are one of the most critical priorities for engineers working in the oil and gas business.

It’s worth noting that the cost of corrosion in Iran’s oil and gas industry is estimated to be between 3 and 5 percent of GDP. As a result, we are dealing with a large and considerable amount, which can be viewed as a significant saving. The pipe coating procedure can be adjusted as desired, however, natural bitumen is one of the most regularly utilized materials in this regard.

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Oil and Gas Industries

It also has a special place in the oil and gas industry. Bitumen can be utilized as a coating for oil and gas pipes. One of the most important obsessions for the engineers who are working in the oil and gas industry is the wear and tear to which pipes and its connections are exposed.

It is noteworthy to mention that the cost imposed by corrosion in the oil and gas industry in Iran is estimated at about 3 to 5 percent of GDP. Thus, we are faced with a large and significant number, which can be considered as an enormous saving.

The pipe coating method can also be customized as needed, but one of the most commonly used material in this regard is natural bitumen.

Road construction industries

Standard roads are one of the most essential indicators of a country’s progress and development. As a result, in a country with a strong industrial market, the road construction industry is critical and crucial.

To expand its lines, the road sector needs natural asphalt as the major resource. Finally, bitumen is one of the most important raw materials used in making asphalt. There are many different varieties of asphalt, however, natural or refinery bitumen should be considered the most significant component of this product.

An overview of the most significant natural bitumen

Additional Uses for Natural Bitumen

Natural bitumen’s uses are not limited to what has been stated. If it has been thoroughly handled, it can have a wide range of usages and benefits that are valuable to a variety of industries; so it is worth to saying significant natural bitumen.

Other applications that should be examined include the use of this substance in the manufacturing of drilling cement and other chemicals such as adhesives and sealants. Nikan West Gilsonite company has been working in this field for so many years and can help all the industries choose their right type and improve their essential knowledge about significant natural bitumen.

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