An overview of the most significant natural bitumen

Natural bitumen has distinct and defined implications in various industries, in this article from Nikan west Gilsonite company site we want to introduce the most significant natural bitumen.

what is the most significant natural bitumen?

Every industry uses this material as its raw material or final product based on their needs. Natural Bitumen refers to the mineral bitumen which can be extracted and used naturally from mines.

A few countries have bitumen and gilsonite mine which include Canada, Iraq, Australia, Russia, and Venezuela. Fortunately, the rich and fertile nature of Iran has also benefited from this blessing; and gilsonite mines can be found in western and southern parts of Iran, such as Kermanshah, Ilam, and Khuzestan.

Natural bitumen or solid gilsonite has a variety of applications which will be listed in the following sections.

An overview of the most significant natural bitumen

Coke and fuel

The most basic application of this valuable mineral is its use as fuel in various furnaces, including forging furnaces. Coking is another common and primary application defined for bitumen in Iran.

Coke is a substance used as fuel. It is made from coal and bitumen. Coke is a material with a high volume of carbon content and is ash-free. That’s why it can be burned properly.

Insulation coatings

One of the most significant features of bitumen (in both natural and refined types) is its suitability for coating against moisture. In this regard, one of the more common applications of bitumen is to use it in the insulation industry to create corrosion-resistant coatings.

Moisture coatings are manufactured in various types and each has its particular application. As a simple example, isogum sheets are one of the products in the insulation industry; they have small and large applications in construction and industrial applications.

Oil and Gas Industries

It also has a special place in the oil and gas industry. Bitumen can be utilized as a coating for oil and gas pipes. One of the most important obsessions for the engineers who are working in the oil and gas industry is the wear and tear to which pipes and its connections are exposed.

It is noteworthy to mention that the cost imposed by corrosion in the oil and gas industry in Iran is estimated at about 3 to 5 percent of GDP. Thus, we are faced with a large and significant number, which can be considered as an enormous saving.

The pipe coating method can also be customized as needed, but one of the most commonly used material in this regard is natural bitumen.

Road construction industries

One of the most important representatives of growth and development in any country is its standard and extensive roads. Therefore, in a country with an industrial orientation, the road construction industries are of a paramount significance.

The road industry needs natural asphalt as the primary material to expand its lines. Finally, in the production of asphalt, bitumen plays a vital role as one of the main raw materials. Asphalt itself has many different types; however, natural or refinery bitumen should be generally considered as the most important component of this product.

An overview of the most significant natural bitumen

Further applications of natural bitumen

Applications of natural bitumen are not restricted to what has been said. In case it has been properly processed, it can have a variety of implications which are of great value to various sectors of the industry.

The application of this material in the drilling cement and other chemicals such as adhesives and sealants production are other examples which should be considered. For more information on the properties of bitumen, read the article “Introduction of natural bitumen features and types” from Nikan West Gilsonite blog.

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