Investigation of Pure Gilsonite Applications

Pure Gilsonite

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In this article published in Nikan Gilsonite website the gilsonite producer in Iran, we want to examine the most important applications of pure Gilsonit

Gilsonite is a pure natural substance extracted from crude oil. In different layers of the earth and over thousands of years, this substance can be extracted from crude oil and can be found in natural asphalt mines and lakes. Gilsonite’s name is derived from its discoverer, Samuel Gilson. Samuel Gilson was the first person to discover this material and its value and applications, and by registering a company called American Gilsonite, he marketed this material commercially.

In other words, Gilsonite can be considered a natural bitumen. It has many common characteristics with coal, meanwhile, they also have clear differences. e. Therefore, it has different applications.

Application of pure Gilsonite in ink production

Gilsonite is used in various forms in the production of ink and paint color. This is especially of a great use in printer ink production. Of course, pure Gilsonite is not used to make the main coloring material in the printer; it is an additive to create more adhesion in the ink.

Simply put, the main ingredient in inkjet printers is black carbon and bitumen, but Gilsonite is used to make these materials sticky and make the ink last longer on paper. However, all kinds of printer, newspaper, engraver, castel, etc. ink are made with the help of this material.

Investigation of Pure Gilsonite Applications

Application of pure Gilsonite in casting

In general, the main advantage of pure Gilsonite is adhesion. This feature is also widely used in the foundry industry. It acts like a resin in casting, and by applying it to the casting sand, it creates adhesion between the sand and other materials.

The final product is a simpler separation of the mold from the casting material, as well as no damage to the mold.

Application of pure natural bitumen in insulation

Pure Gilsonite is most commonly used in insulation. This natural bitumen, like refinery bitumen, has good moisture resistance and is a good barrier for moisture. The most important product made with pure Gilsonite is isogamy. Of course, not all isogamy use natural bitumen in their raw materials, but using this material provides advantages that increase its final quality.

These features include increased shear strength, increased strength of different layers of isogamy, maintaining flexibility at low temperatures, stabilizing and preventing the movement of isogamy on sloping surfaces, and reducing high temperature lubrication.

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Application of pure natural bitumen in oil wells

In drilling deep wells, especially oil wells, the use of drilling mud is an undeniable necessity. Drilling mud is used for a variety of reasons. This mud helps to remove excess materials and chips from the well. It also increases the resistance of the well body against falling. Preventing damage to the drill blade is another feature that makes drilling mud necessary. Drilling mud speeds up drilling and reduces costs.

Pure Gilsonite Applications

Different types of drilling mud are made with the addition of various chemicals and minerals. The addition of each material to the drilling mud creates certain characteristics and properties for each of them, each of which is required in a particular type of well. Gilsonite is also an important additive in drilling mud . This material has various properties, but its most common application is to prevent any drilling fluid leakage during the well drilling process.

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